June 20 2014, 13:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1429

During 10 years Ukraine increased its capacities of soybean processing 8 times

During 10 recent years Ukraine significantly increased its processing capacities of soybeans, declared Viktor Timchenko, President of the Ukrainian association of soybean producers and processors, on June 19 during his speech at the conference “Ukrainian soybean market - 2014" in Odessa.

In the period of 2003-2013 the production capacities of soybeans increased from the level of 160 thsd tonnes to 1.3 mln tonnes, or up 8.1 times. Also, the number of companies-processors of the oilseed in the country doubled – 200 enterprises in 2013, against 100 companies in 2003, said the expert.

Also, V.Timchenko noted rather growing interest of Ukrainian agrarians in cultivation of soybeans. If in 2003 only 2.4 thsd Ukrainian farming enterprises in Ukraine produced soybeans, then in 2013 the number increased in 3.2 times to 7.77 thsd units, said the expert.


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