June 20 2014, 14:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1159

In new season Ukraine may face a shortage of containers for grain exports – expert

In new season Ukrainian companies may face the problem of shortage of containers for grain exports, declared Sergei Shugaev, Commercial Director of the company Global Ocean Link, on June 18 during his speech at the conference "Grain Forum - 2014" in Odessa.

He noted that the current political situation in Ukraine mainly causes development of the problem.

In addition, increasing of the export volumes of Ukrainian cargoes in such shipment method will facilitate further shortage of containers. In the current year the container exports may exceed the volume of imports, said the expert.

S.Shugaev added that to date Global Ocean Link is considering several options to solve the problem. In particular, the company plans to launch transshipment bases in the central oblasts of the country, for example in Vinnitsa and Kirovohrad ones. The company will accumulate grains at the bases, load it to containers and ship by rail to the ports, said the expert.


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