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Ukraine-EU Association is not a threat for the Russian market - expert

The Association between Ukraine and the EU does not carry direct threats to the market of Russia. The European goods will be subject to customs duties on the border between Russia and Ukraine in the same way as any other goods imported from Europe to the Russian Federation, declared Alexander Knobel, Head of the international trade laboratory at the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy.

According to him, within terms of the CIS free trade zone, as in any other free trade zone, so-called rules of origin are acting. When the commodity reaches the Russian-Ukrainian customs service, it is observed where the goods were made. If the goods are produced in the EU, then it automatically ensures taxation at the premium charge, which Russia applies to all countries. But if the goods are produced in Ukraine, it does not mean that the customs do not impose the import duties, said A.Knobel.

He added that the rules of origin have long regulated the taxation process, carried out on the border of Ukraine and the Customs Union. And after Ukraine ratifies the Association Agreement, any problem will appear, summed the expert.


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