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Russia: in 2013/14 MY grain exports increased in 1.6 times - Rusagrotrans

In 2013/14 MY the export volumes of grains and pulses, and its by-products from Russia totaled 26 mln tonnes, an increase of almost 1.6 times compared with the previous season, and it is second only to the record results of 2011/12 MY (28.4 mln tonnes), announced Igor Pavensky, Deputy Director of the strategic management department of Rusagrotrans, on July 3.

Also, he reminded that previously the company analysts forecasted the export volumes in 2013/14 MY at 22-23 mln tonnes (excluding peas and flour).

However, the rise of world prices for grains in March-April of 2014 due to the political events in Ukraine, and devaluation of RUR, caused further increasing of the reporting export volumes by 2-3 mln tonnes, informed the expert.

While speaking about the export indices of basic grains, I.Pavensky reported that wheat volumes grew in 1.67 times compared with 2012/13 MY - to 18.3 mln tonnes. Barley exports increased in 1.2 times - to 2.67 mln tonnes, due to increasing of the grain shipments at the end of the season.

In 2013/14 MY maize exports from Russia totaled slightly more than 4 mln tonnes, up 2.1 times compared with the previous season, which became the record for Russia.


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