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Russia to be on the third line in the list of global grain exporters

By 2023 Russia to become the third largest exporters of grain, by overcoming of the EU and Australia, declared the experts of the Food and Agricultural Organization and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

According to the experts, by 2023 the major grain exporter will have remained the USA, despite the supplies decrease.

Also, by 2023 feed grain global production to have risen by 17%, as opposed to the annual average rate of 2011-2013, wheat – by 12%. Oilseeds and protein crop production will face an increase of 26% and 27% respectively.

Note, to date, prices for grains face the significant decrease owing the good harvest in the previous season. The experts expect the stated rates reduction within the nearest few years, at the same time they will still be above the level of 2008.


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