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Ukraine exported the record volume of rye

According to the data of APK-Inform, in May, 2014 Ukraine exported over 28 thsd tonnes of rye, the record rate for reported month and up 8.6 times compared to the grain exports in April, 2014 (3.3 thsd tonnes).

In the stated month, Ukraine exported 19.9 thsd tonnes of rye to Spain, 4.6 thsd tonnes of grain to Poland and 2.2 thsd tonnes of the stated product to Lithuania.

In the period of July, 2013 – May, 2014 Ukraine exported 45.1 thsd tonnes of rye, as opposed to 55 thsd tonnes in 2009/10 MY.

Remind, the maximum exports of rye was fixed at the level of 345.5 thsd tonnes in 1999/2000 MY.


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