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Belarus: grain harvest to exceed 10 mln tonnes

Agrarians of Belarus plan to harvest over 10 mln tonnes of grain, including maize, declared the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Leonid Zayats on July 11, 2014.

The experts of the National Academy of Sciences stated in new season the harvest will be record, compared to 2012. According to the forecasts, the yield of 3.5 tonnes/ha allows to harvest over 8 mln tonnes. Under the favorable conditions, the stated rate will exceed 10 mln tonnes, including maize.

L.Zayats mentioned that there are 12 thsd combines prepared for operation. At the same time, the Government plans to purchase additional 300 grain combines, which can be put into operation at an early date.

The Minister added that for July-August, 2014 nearly 210 thsd tonnes of diesel fuel and gasoline are needed in order to provide continuous working of machinery. To date, the Government decided to allocate 300 mln BR  for fuel purchasing and harvesting campaing starting.


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