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Ukraine: palm oil consumption faced a decrease - APK-Inform

In the recent three years the domestic consumption of palm oil in Ukraine faced a decrease and according to the estimation of the experts of APK-Inform in 2012/13 MY totaled 140 thsd tonnes. The stated rate is based on the margarine products production decrease.

Note, the margarine products and special fats production decrease is based on the difficulties of the stated commodities realization on the domestic market due to the powerful adverse publicity on its usage, and also exports decrease and imports increase.

In 2013/14 season they expect palm oil domestic consumption further decrease.

In total in Ukraine palm oil consumption is much lower in comparison with other countries: Russia – by 5 times, USA – 9 times, EU countries – by over of 40 times.

Market of tropic oils and fats in Russia and Ukraine is analyzed in details in research of APK-Inform.

Details on research purchasing are provided: +38 0562 32 15 95 (ext. 115), [email protected]


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