July 15 2014, 11:21 Source: APK-Inform Views: 432

Ukraine: soybean total production to reach 3.4 mln tonnes

The analysts of APK-Inform raised their forecast of soybeans total production to the record 3.4 mln tonnes in 2014/15 MY, as opposed to the previous forecast of 3.2 mln tonnes and 2.7 mln tonnes, harvested in the season 2013/14.

The stated rate was raised owing the oilseed planted ares reached 1.7 mln ha, up 4% compared to the previous forecast. The trend is based on the high planting rates of oilseed in May-June, 2014.

At the same time, in the current year, in Ukraine soybeans yield was estimated at the level of 2 tonnes/ha (down 3% of the previous rate).

Thus, in 2014/15 soybean general production, including carry-over stocks, to total 3.5 mln tonnes. Ukraine can export nearly 1.8 mln tonnes (historical peak for the country) of the stated volume. Meanwhile, domestic processing can reach the record rate of 1.25 mln tonnes.


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