July 16 2014, 09:53 Source: APK-Inform Views: 428

Ukraine: over 64% of harvested wheat is 2nd and 3d grade

According to the results of tests of over 555 thsd tonnes of new crop wheat, nearly 64% was marked as 2-nd and 3-d grade grain.

Thus, 1-grade wheat totaled 0.79%, 4th grade – 3.63%, 5-grade-12.34%, 6-grade – 18.14% and 0.42% of irregular grain.

Besides, 1.25 thsd tonnes of barley is marked as the first grade, 898.5 thsd tonnes – 3 grade, 3.41 – 2-nd grade malting barley.

As for the rapeseed, almost all the tested volume was marked and 1-grade oilseed (184.17 thsd tonnes).


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