July 16 2014, 14:52 Source: APK-Inform Views: 588

Russia to increase sunflower seed production - APK-Inform

According to the analysts of APK-Inform, in 2014/15 MY in Russia total sunflower seed production will reach 10.2 mln tonnes, as opposed to the record rate of 10.9 mln tonnes in 2013/14 MY. Last month the analysts estimated the stated rate at the level of 9.7 mln tonnes.

The bullish trend is based on the oilseed yield forecast increase - to 1.53 tonnes/ha as opposed to 1.45 tonnes/ha.

Thus, including initial stocks total supply of sunflower seed can reach 10 mln tonnes. Meanwhile, Russia exports of the stated product will total 165 thsd tonnes, domestic processing – 8.9 mln tonnes (the second result after the record 9.5 mln tonnes in 2013/14 MY).


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