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Ukraine: Lauffer bakery commodities delivery is partially complicated

Despite the situation escalation in the Western regions of Ukraine, bakery plants of Lauffer group in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast meet the community demand in bakery products. There are difficulties in commodities delivery only in the regions, where there are active military operations.

There were destroyed production laboratory and injured electricity transmission line at the Snezhnyy bakery plant due to the shells, which fell on it.

To date, bread production from the stated plant is moved to the enterprise in Shakhtersk. Bakery products supplies to Snezhnyy and nearest inhabited localities is renewed.

Lauffer is one of the largest Ukrainian business groups, leader in the agricultural commodities' processing and food products' production areas. The company has diversified assets portfolio all over Ukraine. The group hold the leading positions on bakery commodities production in Ukraine, uniting 35 bakery plants in Donetsks, Luhansk, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovks and Odessa oblast and Crimea as well. Also, Lauffer has number of companies, which realize whole and retail sales of bakery and confectionery products. The group consists of flour milling plants in Mariupol, Donetsks and Simferopol, elevators and grain stores in the Central and West parts of Ukraine.


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