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Ukraine financing by IMF to be continued

According to Olena Belan the Chief Economist of Dragon Capital, the IMF to continue financing of Ukraine within the stand-by program without essential delays.

She stated, the quantitative screens and structured marks for further revision had been corrected.

Besides, O.Belan specified, that GDP fall reconsideration was insignificant.

According to her, the statements of the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Head of the IMF mission about the necessity to accumulate reserves supports our opinion on the absence of the Hryvnya appreciation. The forecast on the currency exchange at the level of 12 UAH/ USD by the end of 2014 is confirmed.

At the same time it is still possible the financing from the international donors to be increased by the end of the current years, probably, within the Conference of financial donors, to be held in September by the Government.


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