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Grains and oilseeds exports from Ukraine: conflicts within export contracts execution

While making contract, sides should make provision for legal protection in the case of insecure fulfillment of treaty obligations of one of the sides. First of all, the stated issue is for arbitration clause, in which sides determine competent judicial or arbitration body, which can adjudicate disputes of the contracts.

The standard contract FOSFA and GAFTA provides adjudgment of disputes in the appropriate arbitration according to its rules. Most of export contracts on grain and oilseed commodities sale were made on the basis of the FOSFA and GAFTA.

Legal aspects on grain and oilseed exports from Ukraine:

  • disputes within export contracts execution

  • certain conditions on laytime and demurrage calculation

  • force majeure in export contracts and other issued were covered in the research “Grain and oilseeds exports from Ukraine: from СРТ to FOB & CIF”.

The stated research presents the materials on two major directions: analysis of statistic information on major grains and oilseeds export trade, made by analysts of APK-Inform and legal aspects of export trade, prepared by the experts of the International legal service InterLegal.


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