July 28 2014, 09:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 510

In June, Russia significantly reduced sunflower seed exports

According to official statistics data, in June 2014 Russia exported nearly 2 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, as opposed to 7.3 thsd tonnes in May. We should note that the average monthly index for September-May of the current season totaled nearly 12 thsd tonnes.

Reduction of export supplies of the Russian oilseed in June was mainly caused by lowering of the export volumes to Turkey - down 73% (1.7 thsd tonnes in June, as opposed to 6.1 thsd tonnes in May), and the lack of supplies to Iran (16% of the general exports in May).

At the same time, in the reporting month the export volumes of sunflower seed to Armenia increased in 4 times - to 107.2 tonnes in June, against only 21.4 tonnes in May.

Despite the aforementioned reduction of purchasing volumes, in June 2014 Turkey was the largest buyer of Russian sunflower seed - 85% of the general exports, the shares of Armenia and Georgia totaled 5% and 4%, respectively.

During 10 months of the season-2013/14, Russia exported nearly 109 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, up 3.5 times compared with the same period last season. Turkey (68%), Azerbaijan (12%) and Belgium (7%) were the largest buyers of the Russian oilseed during 10 months of 2013/14 MY.


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