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APK-Inform studies – right answer to market changes

To date the market of CIS countries is experiencing significant changes: change of ownership, investors, business lines. In turn, the agrarian sector also faces many changes. As a result, there are new leaders and industry players on the market.

APK-Inform allows to the market participants to be well informed on the reporting changes, not only by providing timely information, but also qualitatively collected and analyzed data on any specific market segment. Supply and demand balances, statistics data, forecasts on development, consultations of experts-analysts and etc., are revealed in multi-client studies of APK-Inform on various subjects.

Thus, for the period of April-June of 2014 APK-Inform Agency released the following studies:

To date APK-Inform analysts are preparing to release a new study on the high oleic sunflower seed market in Ukraine and Russia.

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