August 5 2014, 14:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3025

In 2014/15 MY Ukraine to reduce the volume of grain exports – R.Rybchinskiy

According to analysts of APK-Inform, in 2014/15 MY Ukraine will have the export potential of grains and leguminous crops at the level of 30.1 mln tonnes, a decrease of 7% compared with the forecasted indicator of export potential for 2013/14 MY (32.4 mln tonnes), declared Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform Agency, on July 31 within the press-conference "Conditions and prospects of the grain market of Ukraine in 2014/15 MY".

According to him, the exports of wheat in 2014/15 MY is forecasted at 8.5 mln tonnes, down 8% compared with the corresponding index for 2013/14 MY.

The export potential of barley and maize will decline by 6% - to 2.3 mln tonnes, and 19 mln tonnes respectively, said the expert.

R.Rybchinskiy also added that carry-over stocks of grains in 2014/15 MY are estimated at 7.1 mln tonnes, down 27% compared with last year. In particular, the carry-over stocks of wheat will total 3.7 mln tonnes (down 22%), barley - 1.1 mln tonnes (down 12%), maize - 1.7 mln tonnes (down 41%).


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