August 7 2014, 10:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1285

Russia to impose the duties of 5-80% for all Ukrainian commodities – V.Pyatnitsky

The Russian Federation plans to impose the duties within 5-80% for imports of whole Ukrainian commodities, declared Valery Pyatnitsky. Government's Commissioner for European Integration, on August 6.

But according to him, the Russians themselves will pay the real price for imposition of the duties on Ukrainian goods.

To date the Russian Federation has free trade agreements with the CIS countries only. But if the country plans to break the agreement, it effectively cancels it. Ukraine is its largest trading partner outside the Customs Union. Also, Russia has a free trade agreement with Serbia. Everything else is the usual trade relationship, which includes payment of import duties, said V.Pyatnitsky.

The expert believes that even if Russia imposes the duties on Ukrainian products, they will still remain competitive on the Russian market compared with the goods from other countries.


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