August 11 2014, 16:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1315

EU to hold emergency meeting concerning the ban on agricultural exports to Russia

The Ministers of Agriculture of the EU Member States are planning to hold a meeting on August 14 in Brussels to discuss the ban on EU agricultural commodity exports into the Russian Federation, declared Dacian Cioloș, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, according to the web-site of the European Commission.

According to EU Commissioner, development of "a proportionate and rapid" answer to Russia's actions should become the result of such meeting.

“I understand the concern expressed in the EU farming sector. I want to underline that the Common Agricultural Policy has new and modernised tools to stand by them, as soon as it is needed, including our crisis reserve, which is already available now. I am confident that our resilient farm sector will reorient rapidly towards new markets and opportunities", said D.Cioloș.

Also, he added that a special Task Force is ordered to analyse the potential impacts sector by sector, and to assess how to effectively provide meaningful support if and where this is needed.

As a reminder, to date Russia purchases nearly 10% of the general agricultural exports from the EU.


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