August 13 2014, 09:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 673

Reduction of the import duties on wheat in Morocco is favourable for the Black Sea exporters

According to the market operators, the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco decided to reduce the import duties on wheat since September 1, 2014, to the level of 17.5%, against 45% in effect at the relevant time.

The reporting measure is caused by earlier beginning of the import campaign of the grain in Morocco, which only plays into the hands of the Black Sea wheat exporters, who usually prefer selling the grain at quick rates. But in previous years such work rates often led to reduction in the supply of wheat from the Russian and Ukrainian exporters until the official beginning of the import campaign in Morocco.

The expected reduction of the import duties should allow to the Black Sea wheat to compete the French grain, taking into account the fact that due to excessive precipitations, the qualitative parameters of rather large share of the French grain may decline, and not meet the standards of the flour milling industry of Morocco.


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