August 13 2014, 13:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1246

EU to dissuade Latin America countries from the food exports to Russia

The European Union authorities plan to negotiate with Brazil and Chile to dissuade them not to supply agricultural products to the Russian Federation, for replacement of the banned European agricultural exports, declared The Financial Times, referring to a senior official of the EU, on August 12.

“We will negotiate with countries that could potentially replace our exports to the Russian market. We expect that they will refrain from extracting unfair advantage of the current situation at the moment”, stressed the unnamed EU official at a press-conference on the situation in Ukraine.

According to him, some companies may sign new contracts with Russia, but it will be quite difficult to find a justification for the countries which take the diplomatic initiative to fill in the Russian market with the products, which import trading from the EU, the USA, Norway and Australia is banned.

Another European official said that the negotiations will be mostly "political", and representatives of the EU will try to convince the countries of Latin America to form the united front against Russia concerning the situation with Ukraine.


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