August 14 2014, 15:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 513

Kazakhstan: as of August 1, grain stocks decreased by 18.5%

As of August 1, 2014, the registered carry-over stocks of grains in Kazakhstan totaled 3.412 mln tonnes, down 18.3% compared with the same date in 2013 (4.174 mln tonnes), reported the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics on August 14.

As of the reporting date, grain reception centres and elevators stored bulk of grains – 1.772 mln tonnes. Agricultural producers of the country stored 817.2 thsd tonnes of grains, flour milling plants and other enterprises - 653 thsd tonnes, peasant and farming households - 169.3 thsd tonnes.

Wheat formed the bulk of the stocks – 3.015 mln tonnes, including 2.852 mln tonnes of milling wheat.

Also, the carry-over stocks of grains included 211.8 thsd tonnes of barley, 9.73 thsd tonnes of maize, 19.8 thsd tonnes of rice, 20.27 thsd tonnes of rye, 63.27 thsd tonnes of oats, 15.2 thsd tonnes buckwheat, 6.15 thsd tonnes of millet, and 26.34 thsd tonnes of mixture of spiked grain crops.


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