August 29 2014, 13:48 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1318

As of August 28, Ukraine harvested over 35.5 mln tonnes of grains - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

According to operative data as of August 28, Ukraine harvested 35.514 mln tonnes of early grains and pulses throughout the area of 9.785 mln ha, or 66% of the planned areas (excluding the Crimea). The average yield totaled 3.63 t/ha, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Harvesting of early grains is almost complete with 35.2 mln tonnes produced throughout 9.6 mln ha (99%). Farmers keep on harvesting of late crops and winter rapeseed. 3

Ukrainian agrarians harvested 98 thsd tonnes of buckwheat throughout 67 thsd ha (49%), with the average yield of 1.47 t/ha.

Ukraine harvested 123 thsd tonnes of millet throughout 67 thsd ha (65%). The average yield totaled 1.83 t/ha.

Also, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 654 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 531 thsd ha (10%), with the average yield of 1.023t/ha.

Ukraine harvested 95 thsd tonnes of soybeans throughout the area of 53 thsd ha (3%). The average yield of the oilseed totaled 1.79 t/ha.

Ukrainian agrarians started to harvest maize for grain. There were harvested 24 thsd tonnes of grain throughout 9 thsd ha.

Winter rapessed was planted throughout 323 thsd ha (38% of the plan).


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