September 2 2014, 16:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 562

In July 2014 Ukraine reached the anti-record of flour production

According to the official statistics, in July 2014 Ukraine produced 166.3 thsd tonnes of flour (down 5% compared with June 2014; down 19% compared with July 2013), which became the minimum index for the reporting month during 15 recent seasons.

In July 2014 the TOP-20 of companies producing flour covered nearly 50% of the general flour volumes, produced in the country, and three leaders - Dnipromlyn, Kyivmlyn, Vinnytsia bakery plant #2 – 5%.

As a reminder, in 2013/14 MY (July-June) Ukraine produced 2.4 mln tonnes of flour, an increase of 2% compared with the results of the season-2012/13.


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