September 5 2014, 10:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1276

Russia: poultry keepers are ready to completely close the imports

To date Russian poultry production companies provide nearly 90% of the required volumes of poultry meat and eggs on the domestic market, and in several following years they will be able to provide the complete import substitution in the industry, announced Galina Bobyleva, General Director of Russian Poultry Union, on September 4.

According to her, long ago poultry producers of Russia raised the question on termination of the poultry products imports. So, in 2013 the level of self-sufficiency in poultry meat totaled 89%. At the end of 2014 the index will reach more than 90%, and the index on eggs – 94%, G.Bobyleva said.


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