Ukraine: comfortable business climate to increase investment inflow to the agricultural sector - Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation




In terms of development of the comfortable business climate in Ukraine, the domestic agro-industrial complex can significantly increase the volumes of raised investments, declared the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Leonid Kozachenko during his speech at the Ukrainian Agrarian Congress in Kiev, on October 15.

During 10 following years, the agricultural sector of Ukraine needs to raise nearly 70 bln USD, which is not a serious problem in terms of development of the appropriate business environment. Such investment inflow will allow tripling the agricultural production volumes, and doubling grain production volumes, said the expert.

In particular, L.Kozachenko added that the current level of material and technical equipment usage in the domestic agricultural complex is lower by 5 times compared with the index in the USA. As a result, the produced grain volumes are almost halved compared with the potential volumes.

To date, investors are scared by political risks, lack of effectiveness of the taxation reforms, state regulation of market prices, non-payment of VAT, etc. Also, the land reform does not develop. As a result, we have rather low level of confidence to the authorities from both investors and agrarians, summed up L.Kozachenko.

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