February 24 2017, 17:15 Source: APK-Inform Views: 9606

IGC reduced the forecast of grain production in Kazakhstan

The International Grains Council (IGC) updated its forecast of grain production in Kazakhstan in 2016/17 MY to 19.4 mln tonnes, as opposed to the previous figures at 21 mln tonnes.

According to the announcement, in terms of the beginning stocks of grains at 3.2 mln tonnes, the imports will reach 0.1 mln tonnes, which completely meets the previous forecast.

The expected total supply of grains reduced from 24.2 mln tonnes, to 22.7 mln tonnes.

At the same time, the consumption forecast increased from 10.1 mln tonnes to 10.5 mln tonnes, including feed grains - from 4.6 mln tonnes to 4.9 mln tonnes.

The IGC decreased the export forecast from 9.8 mln tonnes to 8.7 mln tonnes, as well as the ending stocks - from 4.3 mln tonnes to 3.5 mln tonnes.


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