In 2020/21 MY, Ukraine to export pulses at nearly 360 mln USD - expert




In 2020/21 MY, Ukraine may receive 360 mln USD of earnings from the exports of pulses, reported the President at the Public Association “Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine”, Antonina Sklyarenko at the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime days in Odessa on May 26.

The expert presented a program for increasing of the planted areas under pulses in Ukraine, which will contribute to reach such result.

Due to expanding of the planted areas and increasing of the yield of pulses, in 2020 the general harvest will somewhat rise. In particular, chickpeas production will total 140-150 thsd tonnes, lentils - 60-70 thsd tonnes, beans - 60-70 thsd tonnes, specified A.Sklyarenko.

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