Turkey canceled the restrictions on the imports of Russian agricultural products - Russian Grain Union




Turkey canceled the restrictions on duty-free imports of agricultural products from Russia, declared the President at Russian Grain Union (RGU), Arkadiy Zlochevskiy on May 29.

According to him, there were no official limitations. Therefore, there can not be any official papers. There were just some requirements from Turkish officials who document duty-free licences to pay a fee from some share of the imported goods. They informed that the duty-free imports would cover 25% of the supplies only, and the remaining volumes should be paid for. But to date, there is no such requirement at all, said A.Zlochevskiy.

He explained that the mixed situation developed due to the fact that there was a delay in signing of the Russian decision to cancel the restrictions on Turkish agricultural supplies. And Turkish officials considered that they were deceived, and they started taking some counter-moves, but after signing of the cancellation documents by the Russian party, the situation completely settled.

Also, the President of the National Association of Exporters of Agricultural Products of Russia (NAEAP), Sergey Balan added that there were no official papers about imposition of the restrictions on the supplies of Russian agricultural products. And Russian traders really did not stop their shipments, he said.