Officials and their methods of works are the largest problem in Ukraine - RISOIL S.A.




Officials and their prohibitive methods of work became the largest problem for business in Ukraine, since the government agencies really do nothing except for prohibitive instructions, reported the CEO of Representative Office at RISOIL S.A. in Ukraine, Shota Khajishvili at the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa on May 25.

According to him, the government should allow selling land areas in Ukraine, and close and dissolve all regulatory bodies. The government should control one thing only - tax collection. Also, S.Khajishvili added that the infrastructure system should be reoriented in accordance with market requirements.

According to him, the main activity of RISOIL S.A. is transshipment of vegetable oils. Also, the company built a grain terminal, and plans to construct the facilities for frozen meat exports. The company can construct new facilities, and has finances for such work, but the government provides pressure only for nearly four years, summed up S.Khajishvili.

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