Ukrainian products reach foreign markets due to relationships with private companies - IFC




Ukrainian products make their way to foreign markets due to relationships with foreign private companies only, declared the Head of the IFC project Ukraine Investment Climate for Agribusiness, Eugen Osmochescu at the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime days in Odessa on May 25.

According to him, in 2013 Ukraine exported poultry meat on the European market for the first time, since December 2015 it reached the Chinese market, and since January 2016 Ukrainian dairy products came on the EU market, and since May 2017 Ukraine started supplying frozen beef to China. Ukraine managed to reach such results not due to the official policy, but despite it.

According to E.Osmochescu, Romania started developing the economy due to fighting against corruption. Solution of economic problems requires a comprehensive approach. In the current year, there were founded many platforms for successful interaction between business and the authorities, said E.Osmochescu.

He noted that Ukraine has a significant investment potential, but in terms of the absence of a strategy for development of investment attractiveness in Ukraine, there are some problems for coming of small-scale investors on the market.

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