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Ukraine planted winter rapeseed throughout almost one third of the planned areas

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, as of August 17 agrarians planted winter rapeseed throughout the areas of 208.1 thsd ha, or 27% of the planned areas.

Also, Ukraine still continued harvesting agricultural crops. As of the reporting date, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 36.902 mln tonnes of grains and pulses throughout the areas of 9.591 mln ha, or 66% of the plan. The average yield totaled 3.85 t/ha.

In particular, agrarians produced 36.868 mln tonnes of early crops, with the harvested areas at 9.566 mln ha (99%), and the yield at 3.85 t/ha. In particular, Ukraine harvested 26.339 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 6.32 mln ha (99%). The average yield reached 4.17 t/ha.

Agrarians already completed the harvesting campaign of barley: the areas totaled 2.504 mln ha (100%), production volumes - 8.55 mln tonnes, and the yield - 3.42 t/ha.

Agrarians harvested 455 thsd tonnes of rye throughout 162 thsd ha (96%), with the yield at 2.81 t/ha. Ukraine continued harvesting oats. Agrarians harvested 426 thsd tonnes of the grain throughout 169 thsd ha (65%), with the average yield at 2.52 t/ha.

Also, the country harvested buckwheat throughout 13 thsd ha (3%), and produced 14 thsd tonnes of the grain, with the yield at 1.05 t/ha. Agrarians harvested 12 thsd tonnes of millet throughout 8 thsd ha (14%). The average yield totaled 1.52 t/ha.

In addition, agrarians almost completed the harvesting campaign of winter rapeseed: the oilseed harvested areas totaled 773 thsd ha (98%), production - 2.138 mln tonnes, and the yield - 2.77 t/ha.


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