TABADER supports Grain Processors Forum-2017




Association of Grains and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) support the third international conference "Grain Processors Forum - 2017. Production. Exports. Innovations", which takes place in Odessa, Hotel "Black Sea", Shevchenko Park, on September 28-29.

The Association has been founded to unite all parties involved in researches, studies and activities related to grains and pulses, and relevant processing technologies, storage and analysis systems, which is one of the most strategically important industries and activity areas in Turkey and around the world, incessantly continues its operations in an organized way.

Covering a wide range of companies in the industry, TABADER basically aims at activities based on information, technology and systems. It also strives to establish cooperations with other national and international organizations and institutions. Operating in a qualified structure and area of activity, TABADER includes all dynamics of the public and private sectors and the academia.

TABADER also helps to establish relationships between public sector, private sector and academia, as well as undertaking activities to respond to seasonal needs of the industry. As is the case with associations abroad, TABADER has started its activities on the basis of standards and norms on national and international level.

You may meet the representatives of TABADER within the conference.

Here  you can become acquainted with the conference agenda.

Conditions of participation


The organizational committee provides more detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship and making a presentation:

+38 (0562) 32-15-95

Irina Ozip (ext. 120) – [email protected],

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