Ukraine: 80% of regulations of the law on the grain market require cancellations or adjustments – Sayenko&Kharenko




In Ukraine, 80% of regulations of the law on the grain market require either cancellations, or serious adjustments, declared the Counsel at Sayenko&Kharenko, Andrew Zablotskyi during his report on September 29 within frames of "Grain Processors Forum - 2017".

In addition, the expert analyzed the market regulation instruments. There are 22 instruments in Ukraine, and only 20% work effectively. Also, there are 50% of instruments which require a very thoughtful analysis, in order to further get stringent or remain unchanged. The remaining instruments of market regulation in Ukraine do not work, A.Zablotskyi said.

Also, the expert noted that to date the officials are working out and promoting a new draft law about the national standards on grain quality. It is understood that a transition period for moving to the new standards will act for three years.

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