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Ukrainian agricultural exports demonstrate steady growth rates - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

During eight months of the current year, the exports of Ukrainian agricultural and food products increased by 2.3 bln USD, or up 24.5% compared with the same period last year, and totaled almost 11.5 bln USD, declared the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine for European Integration, Olga Trofimtseva on October 6.

In the reporting period, Ukraine mainly exported the following commodity groups: sunflower, safflower or cottonseed oils with a share of 26.25% of the general exports, corn - 20.34%, wheat and wheat mixtures with other grains - 12.87%, poultry meat - 2.29%, and others.

According to the Deputy Minister, in January-August the TOP-5 of importers of Ukrainian agricultural products included India, which purchased agricultural commodities at the sum of 1.3 bln USD, Egypt - 986.1 mln USD, the Netherlands - 762.8 mln USD, Spain - 731.6 mln USD, China - 631.8 mln USD. The EU countries took the second position in the regional structure of Ukrainian agricultural exports. At the same time, in the reporting period the exports to the European market increased by 37.3%, or up 988 mln USD, and totaled 3.6 bln USD.

It is interesting to note the growth of exports of the following processed products to the EU countries: vegetable oils, which supplies already reached 1.01 bln USD (up 19.7%), poultry meat and offal - 80.3 mln USD (up 80.7%), margarine products - 21.8 mln USD (up 8.4 times), noted O.Trofimtseva, and added the European market has significant demand for Ukrainian grain by-products - 62.1 mln USD.

Also, the Deputy Minister said that the reporting statistics figures allow forecasting an increase of 15-20% in the annual cost of Ukrainian agricultural and food exports.


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