October 20 2017, 10:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 748

Ukraine planted winter grains throughout over 6.2 mln ha - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

As of October 19, Ukraine planted winter grain crops for the harvest-2018 throughout the areas of 6.287 mln ha (87% of the plan), reported the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

In particular, the planted areas under winter wheat totaled 5.516 mln ha (90%), winter barley - 633 thsd ha (68%), and rye - 138 thsd ha (86%). Agrarians already planted winter rapeseed throughout 834 thsd ha (107%).

Also, Ukraine continued harvesting late grain crops. Agrarians harvested buckwheat throughout 163 thsd ha (90%), and produced 182 thsd tonnes of the grain. The average yield totaled 1.12 t/ha.

As of the reporting date, agrarians harvested 79 thsd tonnes of millet throughout 55 thsd ha (97%), with the yield at 1.44 t/ha.

Agricultural producers continued harvesting corn for grain, and already produced 9.153 mln tonnes. The harvested areas reached 2.006 mln ha (44%), with the yield at 4.56 t/ha.

In addition, Ukraine harvested 10.32 mln tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 5.306 mln ha (89%), with the average yield at 1.94 t/ha. The production volumes of soybeans reached 2.744 mln tonnes, the yield - 1.87 t/ha, and the harvested areas - 1.465 mln ha (74%).


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