October 20 2017, 13:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 528

In the first quarter of 2017/18 MY, Bangladesh took the 4th position in Russian grains and oilseeds imports

During the first three months of 2017/18 MY (July-September), Russia exported 749.41 thsd tonnes of grains and oilseeds to Bangladesh, which moved the country to the 4th position in the rating of countries-importers of Russian agricultural products, reported the Federal State-Funded Institution "Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain and Grain products".

In particular, wheat formed the major share of the reporting volumes - 676.94 thsd tonnes. Also, in July-September Bangladesh imported 62.31 thsd tonnes of peas, 5.28 thsd tonnes of rapeseed, 4.74 thsd tonnes of mustard seed, and 0.13 thsd tonnes of coriander seeds from Russia.


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