December 4 2017, 16:58 Source: APK-Inform Views: 692

Russian Ministry of Agriculture should do anything possible to boost the transportation system for the grain export – A.Tkachev

The Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture will fall in with any possible proposal to enhance the turnover of the rail cars transporting the grain, that was announced on December 4, 2017, during the meeting in the Republic of Ingushetia by the secretary of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev.


The secretary also said that in terms of large grain volumes exported from Russia, the growth and development of the agricultural logistical infrastructure and the  transshipment capacity are of great importance. Thus, Ministry of Agriculture is going to support any offers that will help to settle the transportation system, which also will make the grain pricing fair.


“We should consider how to increase the exports both in terms of volumes and quality”, - A. Tkachev said.



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