December 8 2017, 12:17 Source: APK-Inform Views: 582

The Nikolaev seaport increased trans-shipment by almost 5% since the start of the year

In January-November 2017, the Nikolaev sea port increased the trans-shipment of loads by 4,8% up to 21.32 million tons compared with the same period of last year, reported the press service of seaports Administration of Ukraine.
     In particular, the trans-shipment of imported cargoes increased by 22,8% to 5 million tons during the reported period, transit shipments rose by 14,3% to 1,137 mln tonnes, at the same time the transfer of export loads decreased by 2,4%, to 14,67 mln tonnes.
    It is reported also, that cargo handling in the internal line of the port in January-November grew almost by 2,1 times up to 476 thsd tonnes.



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