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Ukraine: PJSC SFGCU exported nearly 30 thsd tonnes of flour milling products

Since the beginning of 2017/18 MY, PJSC State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (SFGCU) supplied nearly 28.7 thsd tonnes of flour and wheat bran on foreign markets, declared the Acting Chairman of the Board of the Corporation, Dmytro Gavrysh on December 6.

According to him, PJSC SFGCU continued effectively using the capacities of grain processing enterprises to increase the export volumes of flour milling products. So, in November 2017 the Corporation exported 7.4 thsd tonnes of flour milling products, or 86% of the plan.

In addition, SFGCU sells flour and wheat bran on the domestic market, and in the current season shipped 37.8 thsd tonnes of the products, up 54% compared with the same date last MY.

D.Gavrysh explained that the demand for flour milling products is one of the major company's priorities. In particular, in November SFGCU supplied 6.3 thsd tonnes of flour milling products on the domestic market, or 94% of the plan.

To date, SFGCU ships flour on the markets of Angola, China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, etc. Also, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco are the main consumers of pelleted wheat bran from Ukraine.


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