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Ambar Trading Gmbh – a sponsor of Middle East Grain Congress

The company Ambar Trading Gmbh is a sponsor of the fourth international conference Middle East Grain Congress, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek 5*, on February 17, 2018.


Ambar Trading Gmbh – an export trader of the group of companies of BKW

The company is a leading grain trader implementing a well-established process of exporting Ukrainian grain to many countries of the world, mainly on CIF/C&F terms. Over the years of its presence on the market, the company has proved its impeccable reputation for successful work with companies from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

It is in the TOP-10 Ukrainian wheat exporters, providing a guaranteed supply of high-quality goods.

The company's sphere of interest includes classical grains (wheat, barley, corn) and oilseeds (soybean). The geography of deliveries of the company's products testifies to the high level of responsibility and includes such countries as: Italy, Spain, Greece, as well as Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon.


To meet the representatives of Ambar Trading Gmbh you can within Middle East Grain Congress.



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