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In 2017, Russia to keep the global leadership in wheat exports – REC

In 2017, Russia will keep the global leadership in wheat export volumes, declared the CEO of the Russian Export Center (REC), Petr Fradkov on December 14.

According to him, in 2017 Russia will continue the last year trend of the global leadership in the grain supplies (for the first time in the contemporary history). For 10 months of 2017, Russia exported 24.5 mln tonnes of wheat, while such traditional leader as the USA – 23.8 mln tonnes only.

P.Fradkov recalled that the end of year in the USA is usually a low-active period, while Russia still demonstrates record-level shipments. At the same time, other leading countries-exporters of wheat showed even lower results: according to the REC, for 10 months of 2017 Australia exported nearly 20 mln tonnes, Canada – 17 mln tonnes, Ukraine – 14 mln tonnes, France – 12.5 mln tonnes, Argentina – 10.5 mln tonnes.

Traditionally, Russia demonstrates good supplies of wheat to countries of the Middle East and almost all African countries. In the current year, Russia started actively supplying wheat to countries of the Asia-Pacific region, but it is too premature to discuss any long-term trend, added P.Fradkov.


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