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In 2017/18 MY, Russia to export nearly 47 mln tonnes of grains – A.Tkachev

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia increased the forecast of grain exports from the country in 2017/18 MY to 45-47 mln tonnes, declared the Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev on January 17.

According to him, the record grain harvest at 134 mln tonnes will allow exporting nearly 45-47 mln tonnes of grains in the current season.

Since the beginning of 2017/18 MY, Russia already supplied 28 mln tonnes of grains on foreign markets, up 35% compared with the same period last season. In particular, wheat shipments grew to 22 mln tonnes, up more than 30% compared with the last year volumes.

According to A.Tkachev, Russia will firmly keep the status of the global largest supplier of wheat.

As a reminder, previously the Ministry forecasted the export volumes of Russian grains in the current season at the level of 45 mln tonnes.


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