Ukraine: in 2017, the shares of 2- and 3-grade wheat decreased — SGS Ukraine




According to SGS Ukraine figures, the share of 2-grade wheat in the harvest-2017 totaled 14.5%, down 4% compared with 2016, while the share of 3-grade wheat — 28.4% (down 4%), declared the Technical & Claims Questions manager at SGS Ukraine, Oleg Onischenko during his report at the seventeenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa on May 25.

According to him, last year the shares of 4- and 5-grade wheat also reduced to 5% (down 1.4%) and 18.4% (down 1.5%), respectively. At the same time, the share of 6-grade wheat reached 28.8%, up almost 10% compared with the same indicator in the harvest-2016.

Also, it is worth noting that last year the share of 1-grade wheat increased by 1.2%, and reached the level of 2015 — 4.9%, after some decline in 2016 at 3.7%, said O.Onischenko.

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