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The company with 40-years experience of organic production will be a speaker on the conference “Qazaq Organic Food”

Many Kazakh agrarians are keen to know how the organic production is applied in practice based on the experience of the farms that successfully use it. That is why in terms of international conference “Qazaq Organic Food: new possibilities, new markets” to be held on November 29 in Astana (Radisson Hotel Astana) the largest Ukrainian company “Agroecology” will share its 40-years of experience of organic production.

 The experts of the company are convinced that Kazakhstan is potentially one of the largest manufacturers of organic products in Middle Asia. However, the participants of the workshop “Organic Foods” (hold on September 25-29, Ukraine) in the training center of “Agroecology” conformed that the main difficulty of the organic production establishment was the lack of knowledge.

 “We are ready to share our experience in organic farming with our colleagues in Kazakhstan. We want to cover all the questions and to share the experience they may use in their country. In Kazakhstan we have the pilot project that is why in terms of the consulting project we strive to provide the information needed” – said the CEO of “Agroecology” Gleb Lukyanenko.

“Agroecology” is one of the first companies in Ukraine that 40 years ago rejected the use of mineral fertilizers and herbicides. Since then the company is developing its own farming system, producing the organic products.


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