Ukraine harvested record volumes of grains — Ministry of Agrarian Policy




To date, Ukrainian agrarians already provided the harvesting campaign of grains throughout 96% of the planned areas, but the produced volumes exceeded all previous historical maximum figures, declared the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Maksym Martynyuk on November 20.

Taking into account rather favourable weather conditions for late spring crops, the cautious forecasts of the Ministry for the record harvest volumes in the contemporary history of Ukraine almost started coming true. Agrarians already produced more than 66 mln tonnes of grains, which already exceeded the previous maximum figures achieved in 2016, M.Martynyuk said.

Also, he added that the historical record of grain production mainly developed, due to the high harvest results of corn, which will also reach the historical maximum level — nearly 34.8 mln tonnes.

As of November 19, Ukraine harvested corn for grain throughout 4.1 mln ha, or 90% of the forecast, and produced 31.3 mln tonnes of the grain, with the average yield of 7.59 t/ha (in 2017 — 5.23 t/ha), which also became the highest figures in the history of the country, said the First Deputy Minister.

In addition, he noted that in the current year Ukraine will reach the record figures in the harvest volumes and yield of soybeans and sunflower seed.

Also, as of the reporting date agrarians harvested grains and pulses throughout the areas of 14.3 mln ha. The production volumes totaled 66.4 mln tonnes, with the average yield of 4.65 t/ha.

Ukraine harvested 13.8 mln tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 6 mln ha (99.8%), with the average yield of 2.28 t/ha; and soybeans — 4.3 mln tonnes throughout 1.7 mln ha (99%), with the yield of 2.57 t/ha.