Usage of counterfeit sunflower seeds to damage the image of Ukraine on the global market




The presence of counterfeit sunflower seeds on the Ukrainian market, and the conscious usage of such seeds, make the negative impact on the image of Ukraine on the global market, declared the Executive Director at the Seed Association of Ukraine, Suzanne Grigorenko during her report within frames of the international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" in Kyiv, on November 6.

To date, the production of sunflower seed is one of the leading industries in agriculture of Ukraine. In addition, the oilseed by-products are the leading positions of Ukrainian agricultural exports. Therefore, the average agrarian should be aware what seeds to plant, while choosing the required seed material, because such choice mainly determines what oilseed by-product to be produced, and whether such products will become popular on the global market, said the expert.

According to S.Grigorenko, to date traditional sunflower oil, high-oleic oil (the EU countries are the major consumers), as well as seeds of confectionery sunflower, are the main export components in the market segment of the oilseed in Ukraine.

Therefore, not only quantitative, but also qualitative requirements for the exported products started increasing. In this regard, both companies-producers and exporters should cooperate to work for the standards of the Ukrainian seeds market, and guarantee its quality, concluded the expert.

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