Organic sunflower oil of UkrOliya got certified according to the USDA NOP



In February 2019, organic sunflower oil TM GARNA ORGANICA, which is manufactured at the facilities of UkrOliya Organic (Poltava oblast), confirmed the US Organic Certification of USDA NOP, and completely met its criteria.

The Business development director at UkrOliya LLC, Yuriy Shevchenko said that in accordance with the certification level of the USDA, the level of “100% organic” means that the product was made of natural organic materials only. In this case, the USDA sign is marked at the package.

According to him, the production volumes of organic products in the USA are inadequate to meet the consumer demand, so the country is becoming more dependent on the annual imports. In order to expand the export geography, Ukrainian organic operators started actively choosing the certification in accordance with the National Organic Program under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic).

Also, Y.Shevchenko explained that the availability of the NOP certificate increases the export capacities of the company UkrOliya, and opens the markets of the USA and Canada for the sales of organic products. According to estimations, every month UkrOliya will supply 360 tonnes of organic sunflower oil, 100 tonnes of organic sunflower oil, and 460 tonnes of organic sunflower cake under TM GARNA ORGANICA.

As of the beginning of March 2019, the company plans to ship nearly 400 tonnes of organic high-oleic sunflower oil to partners from the USA. It is uncontroversial that Ukraine, as one of the largest countries-exporters of sunflower oil, supports the global trends and actively develops the organic market. Organic oils can meet the needs of people who keep a healthy lifestyle and consume natural products, added the Business development director.