The planting of the spring crops in Russia is 1.4% complete




According to the updated figures, as of March 19 of 2019, the planting campaign of spring crops in Russia is 1% complete – on 505.9 thsd ha, which is significantly higher year-on-year (49.2 thsd ha), reported the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia on March 20.

In particular, spring grains were planted on 403.8 thsd ha which is 1.4% of the total areas, compared to 49.2 thsd ha in 2018. The spring barley was sown on 131.3 thsd ha (1.7%), and spring wheat – on 2.9 thsd ha.

The sowing campaign of the spring crops is mostly advanced in two regions of Russia – in Southern Federal District with 336.2 thsd ha planted (5.5%) and North Caucasus region with 169.7 thsd ha planted (8.9%).

Moreover, the agrarians in Chechen Republic started to plant sugar beet – which is sown on 930 ha, and spring rapeseed (680 ha).