In the current MY Russia increased rapeseed export to Belarus more than 7 times




According to the customs statistics data, in August-January 2018/19 MY Russia increased the export of rapeseed to Belarus to 179 thsd tonnes which more than 7 times higher year-on-year.

For the 6 months of the current MY Russia exported nearly 352 thsd tonnes of rapeseed, of which 51% were shipped to Belarus (compared to 13% last year).

The significant increase of rapeseed export to this country was due to the launch of the largest in Belarus processing plant in Smorgon.

Also, China is one of the key buyer of Russian oilseed, however, despite the increase of purchases this season, the share of China in the total export of Russian rapeseed decreased to 31% (38% last season).

Moreover, in the reporting period Mongolia almost halved the import of oilseed, thus the share of the country in the total deliveries declined to 9% (34%).